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Home Pet Sitting

Dog laying on a couth

Experience the ultimate peace of mind with WHIPPET's Home Pet Sitting service, where we go beyond dog walking to offer comprehensive overnight care for your cherished pets. Our dedicated caregivers are committed to providing your furry friends with the loving attention they need in the comfort and familiarity of their own home. Whether it's caring for domestic or exotic pets, our team is equipped to ensure their well-being, giving you the confidence and freedom to be away without worry. Alongside pet care, we also manage essential household tasks, such as collecting mail to prevent any build-up and tending to your plants, keeping your home vibrant and lively in your absence.

Dog laying on a couth
watering a house plant

Our tailored approach to each pet's needs includes following specific feeding instructions and maintaining a constant supply of fresh water, ensuring their nutritional and hydration needs are met. Additionally, our service includes 1.5 hours of daily dog walks, promoting your pets' physical health and happiness. But, what truly sets our service apart is the abundance of tender loving care we provide. We believe every pet deserves individual attention, affection, and companionship, ensuring they feel loved, comfortable, and secure while you're away. With WHIPPET's Home Pet Sitting, leave with the assurance that your pets and home are in capable, caring hands, maintaining their routine and ensuring their happiness.

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